Proposed diploma projects

Template with tentative contents


  • Students must register for coordination at the start of the fourth year or before
  • Students must attend coordination meetings every two weeks and show progress
  • Work for the project can be submitted for conferences or journals, with student and coordinator as coauthors. 
  • Themes for diploma projects from industry are accepted, as long as there is a tutor from the enterprise side. 

List of proposed diploma projects

  • Indoor positioning robot

A robot with Bluetooth receiver and odometer that will navigate and map the Bluetooth signals in a room/building.

  • Indoor positioning algorithms

Implement, test and compare different algorithms for indoor positioning.

  • Parkison disease tester

Implement a system composed of an accelerometer placed on the hand of the patient and a micro-controller for computing the amplitude and frequency of the tremor.

  • Ontology generation

Use state-of-art natural language understanding frameworks for generating ontologies from unstructured text.

  • Software tests generation

Use generative models for generating relevant tests for Java programs.

  • Software agent organizations

Use agent organization/normative frameworks (eg. Thomas) for implementing a multi-agent system in a smart home or healthcare environment.

  • Software development competency testing

An automated tool for evaluating software development competencies for users by mining the code from git repositories.

  • Big Data with Apache Spark

Analyze, design and implement a data lake solution using Apache Spark and Hadoop.

  • Securing IoT applications using Blockchain

Use blockchain technologies for creating a secure IoT solution for a smart house / building.

  • Software architecture testing

Use a software architecture testing tool such as ArchUnit to test different enterprise applications and provide insight.