Coordinated Diploma Projects / Master Theses


  • Ana OPRIȚA, “The Enterprise Intranet Messaging and Document Handling Solution”
  • Andrei Cristian ȘERBĂNOIU, “Web Site Analyzer Provided as Software as a Service”


  • Alexandru Răzvan SACERDOŢEANU, “A Health 2.0 Community of Care Portal
  • Ana Claudia CAZANGIU, “Interoperability and decision support for specialized health care referral based on agent software – The General Practitioner Agent”
  • Oana CORNEA, “HL7-ACL Boundary agent”
  • Daniel UȚĂ, “A mHealth Application for Elderly Care”
  • Maria TÂMPĂNARIU, “Interoperability and Decision Support for Specialized Health Care Referral based on Agent Software – The Specialist Agents”
  • Alin TURLAC, “An mHealth Application for Elderly Care”


  • Sabina Niculina BARBU, “Public Online Interview Tool”
  • Razvan TATU, “Skill Matrix Tool”


  • Nicoleta-Cristina NUȚU, “Private Clinic Patients’ Appointments”
  • Andreea BUGA, “Supporting Patient Empowerment Through ICT”
  • Andreea-Monica COMAN, ““BeHealthy” Mobile Application”
  • Alina MIHAI, “Privacy Enforcement in e-health based on clinical workflows”
  • Alin TURLAC, “A comparison between ontological and full-text indexing solutions”
  • Victor Radu VOICU, “Indoor Positioning System”
  • Ana Cristina RĂDULESCU, “Virtual Organizations in the Digital Health Ecosystem”
  • Alina MĂRGĂRIT, “Virtual Organizations in the Digital Health Ecosystem Watcher Component”


  • Carmen CĂȘARU, “Data Protection and Privacy. K – Anonymity”
  • Stefan BUȘNIȚĂ, “Cardio Risk”
  • Gheorghe-Irinel CRAIU, “Authentication based on visual cryptography”
  • Alexandra RÂPEANU, “Work Management Software Tool”
  • Anca-Mădălina MITROI, “Geometry Learning Platform”
  • Radu-Gabriel ŞERBAN, “Targeted Advertising for Niche Social Networks”
  • Radu-Marian BACIU, “Serious Games in Health”
  • Vlad-Lucian GÎNJU, “Big Data Analysis”


  • Alina MĂRGĂRIT, “Omni-channel Shopping Experience”
  • Cristina RĂDULESCU, “Augmentarea experienței de cumpărare folosind tehnologii omni-channel”
  • Alice TĂNASE, “Generating Enterprise-Specific Domain Ontologies from Unstructured Documents”
  • Monica Nastasia MIHAILESCU, “City Break Planner”
  • Cosmin ISTRATE, “Indoor and Outdoor Localization and Navigation for the Politehnica Campus”
  • Sebastian WYRAZIK, “E-learning in Computer Science through the Use of Science Fiction Serious Games”
  • Sever-Vlad MUREȘAN, “Diagnosing Chronic Diseases for Elderly Persons using Geolocation”
  • Lorena CIOBANU, “Equipment and personel distribution  algorithm comparison”
  • Banică MARIUS, “Using Big Data as an Enabler for Smart Cities”


  • Omar MOHSEN, “Physical Education Promotion and Chronic Diseases Detection Using Mobile Technology”
  • Radu SEBAN, “Targeted Advertising for a 3D Model`s Online Marketplace”
  • Silvia CERGAN, “Smart Home Simulation System”
  • Andrei POPESCU, “Simulator System for Smart House Environments”


  • BERNOVICI M. Bogdan-Georgian, “Optimization using Simulation of a Smart House”
  • BUŞE I. Ioana-Ozana, “Indoor navigation system for product localization in supermarkets”
  • DALCA Şt.P. Răzvan-Toma, “Organizer and Navigation for Politehnica University – Android application”
  • DRAGOMIR Gh. Adelaid Ioana, “Informal Caretaker Distribution System – Caretakers application”
  • DUMITRAŞCU V. Vasile-Cristian, “Chatbot as a service – online shop assistant”
  • GHEORGHE I. Irina, “Informal Caretaker Distribution System – Patients application”
  • ISAC A.C. Flavius Andrei, “Depression Detection and Monitoring System – Smartphone Application”
  • JIANU C. Elena-Mădălina, “Improving E-Learning Systems through Adaptivity and Gamification”
  • MĂCHIŢĂ N. Victor-Andrei, “Organizer and Navigation for Politehnica University – Server component”
  • POPESCU G.C. Darius-Paul, “Frontend for Job Matching Application”
  • ROŞU V. Ştefan-Octavian, “Semantic E-Commerce”


  • BULAC N. Alexandra, “Monitoring Development Skills Using Static Code Analyzers”
  • CORÎCI A.I. Ştefan, “Automatic planning of IoT care activities”
  • CRISTEA-FILIP M. Alice-Ioana, “EPark – Smart Parking Application”
  • DELIU C.E. Ovidiu-Marin, “Design Of A Software Development Skills Personalized Profile”
  • DIACONU F. Ana-Maria, “Context in Internet of Things – Analyzing Patient Context”
  • ENE M. Răzvan-Doru, “Gamification software for improving software development productivity”
  • ILAŞCU I. Andrei-Bogdan, “City Navigator – Software for improving driving experience”
  • MANSOURI Mohamad, “Document Search Engine Using MongoDB and Elasticsearch”
  • OLTEANU C. Denisa-Gabriela, “Increasing usability in the field of automatic test generation in Java”
  • POPESCU Al. Cristian-Andrei, “Software development using gamification: An application designed to increase productivity”
  • SILEANU I. Cosmina-Mihaela, “Indoor Positioning using Bluetooth Low Energy”


  • GHEORGHE I. Irina, “Smart Home IOT Reference Architecture – based implementation”
  • HAIDER ABDULLAH Ali, “Enhancing the ZUC 4G Algorithm Based on New Non-linear Function”
  • REZGUI Sofiene, “Deployment of stress predictor microservice based system”
  • BOLOVAN Alexandra, “Multi-agent system simulation for smart-homes – environment modelling and implementation”
  • ENEA Ema, “ElectricCharger: Routing Mobile Application for Electric Cars”
  • FĂTU Maria, “Multi-agent system simulation for smart-homes – agent modelling and implementation”
  • NICOLAU Moana-Isabella, “Process Mining applied on GitHub projects”
  • SPÂNU Alexandra – Cristina, “City Travel Recommender”
  • TURCUŞ Ana – Georgia, “Chatbot E-learning Application for Digital Illiterates”


  • BĂRBULESCU S.V. Remus Alexandru, “Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network”
  • ENE M. Răzvan-Doru, “Call-center Virtual Assistant using Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition “
  • DELEANU M. Teodora-Coralia, “Spring Boot Microservices Testing”
  • DIACONU F. Andreea – Teodora, “Securing IoT Applications using Blockchain”
  • DINESCU B.C. Ioana-Andreea, “BDD Testing Framework”
  • GHERASIM D. Miruna – Alexandra, “NodeJS for Educational Purposes”
  • IONIŢĂ M. Raluca, “Patient Registry Component”
  • RUJAN H. Teodor, “Online Faculty and Courses Management System”
  • URSU D. Andrei, “Clinical Laboratory Test Wrapper”