Proposed diploma projects

Template with tentative contents


  • Students must register for coordination at the start of the fourth year or before
  • Students must attend coordination meetings every two weeks and show progress
  • Work for the project can be submitted for conferences or journals, with student and coordinator as coauthors. 
  • Themes for diploma projects from industry are accepted, as long as there is a tutor from the enterprise side. 

List of proposed diploma projects

  • Radio Romania collaboration

Faculty – Radio collaboration, multiple students required, use AI for speech generation or for recommending content for personalized radio stations in different locations

  • Sensor data analysis

Use data from sensors (accelerometers, heart rate sensors, air quality sensors etc.) or from open data and analyze it for trends and outliers

  • Workflow digitization using Blockchain

Use blockchain technology ( Hyperledger ) for improving workflows in enterprises or public institutions.

  • Software Requirements tracking using Blockchain

Use blockchain technology to track requirements in a large software project

  • Reinforcement learning for software testing (taken)

Use RL for generating unit tests

  • Affective computing in ecommerce or eLearning (taken)

Integrate technologies to recognize or simulate human emotions for improving ecommerce or eLearning applications.

  • Indoor robot (taken)

Implement a robot that can move indoors based on a map and localization techniques.

  • Chatbot for frail patients of for patients suffering from dementia (taken)

Train a LLM and optimize it for communication with persons with cognitive disabilities

  • Genetic algorithms for generating grammars for generating unit tests
  • Generate software architectures using LLMs, starting from requirements
  • Blockchain for managing education credentials