Ongoing projects:

  • EUROSTARS-EUREKA iBracelet– Inteligent bracelet for blood pressure monitoring and detection of preeclampsia, Member in the research team

Past projects:

  • EUROSTARS-EUREKA iLight – novel energy efficient luminaire equipped with an embedded sensing, indoor localisation and communications electronic system that enables a pervasive, seamless, and inexpensive home monitoring scheme, Responsible for University Politehnica Bucharest
  • “Using Big Data and semantic matching for a job recommendation engine” – research contract with Umalis ,  Responsible for University Politehnica Bucharest
  • GEX 2017 Context Modelling in IOT, Politehnica research grant, Director
  • EUROSTARS-EUREKA QUESToR – Quest for Reports , Member in the research team
  • EUROSTARS-EUREKA PrEmISES – Multi-agent based middleware Providing Semantically-Enabled Information for SmES
    knowledge workers, Member in the research team
  • PNII AIMMS – Application for Using Image Data Mining  and 3D Modelling in Dental Screening, Member in the research team
  • Design of Data Exchange Protocol For Personal Health Devices – bilateral cooperation Romania China, Member in the research team